Personal experience has taught me that a big frustration on the internet is knowing where you found a resource in the past, but then having to trawl through the entire website again to find the file you want. This page contains links to all of the downloadable resources hosted on my website.

Note: Right-click on the download buttons and select "Save Target As" to download the resources.

Web Design Teaching Resources

- Basic Design Concepts
- HTML - Quick reference
- HTML - Colors
- HTML - Lists
- HTML - Tables
- CSS - Text Formatting
- CSS - Introduction to Layouts
- CSS - Setting up a basic layout
- CSS - Making your code behave for you
- CSS - Adding backgrounds
- Uploading your website
- Using XAMPP (PHP/SQL desktop test environment)

Digital Camera Teaching Resources

- Copying photos from your camera to your computer (Digital Cameras 1)
- Improving your photos

Freeware (Windows and Windows Mobile)

- HTML Color Toy (Windows XP onwards)
- HTML Color Toy (Windows Mobile 5 onwards)
- STPhaser (Windows Mobile 5 onwards)

Website Templates

Star Trek/LCARS-style template:

- Command Red template
- Engineering Gold template
- Sciences Blue template