My website design and coding skills have been acquired entirely through my own efforts and motivation to learn. I have been working with HTML since the days when animated GIFs were considered awesome, and moved into CSS, PHP, SQL and more as my skills and ambition have grown.

If you like what you see here and would like to employ me, please contact me!

Southdown Amateur Radio Society

A Joomla based site, where the mantra is "keep it simple". The CMS does just that - allowing non-web-technical club officers to add articles and edit pages, while still retaining a high level of flexibility and scope for customisation. The easy addition of polls, Google Ads, downloadable files and so forth keeps everyone happpy!

Go to: http://www.southdown-amateur-radio-society.co.uk


EPL Updates

This is what can happen when somebody says "Someone should do that" at the right time and in the right place. My most time-consuming project to date, and it is still only in the prototype stage!

EPLUpdates was initially conceived in order to provide live-updates for English Premier League ice hockey in a similar way to how IH-Update provides updates for the Elite League, but a lot more basic. The user-base went from 0 to over 200 in our first fortnight online, and towards the end of our first season, we're now scoring 600-700 unique visitors per match-night. These users have all come along with their own hopes and expectations, and a major re-deisgn is already in the works for this summer in order to accomodate all of the new features I'll be implementing for the 10/11 season!

Go to: http://www.eplupdates.co.uk


Kate Glover.co.uk

Of course I wrote this website myself! I coded this website by hand in Microsoft Expression Web. No WYSIWYG here, just pure hand-written HTML, CSS and PHP.

Go to: You're already here!


Heavenly Organics

A friend set up an organics shop near Danehill, which stocks all manner of things from food to toiletries to cleaning materials and more. She wanted a basic website to put on their letterheads and posters, to show the world where they were and what they did.

Go to: http://www.heavenlyorganics.co.uk


MV Assessors

A former colleague going solo asked me to do him a very basic single-page website to advertise his services as a freelance motor vehicle qualification assessor.

Go to: http://www.mvassessors.co.uk


U.S.S. Pharaoh

This belonged to a Star Trek group I was a member of, however the Captain decided to 'go back to basics' and cancel most of the online activities, including website development. However, 95% of the website is still there and running behind the two front pages.

Go to: http://www.usspharaoh.co.uk


U.S.S. Regardless

This website is powered by the SMS2 online roleplaying engine. While all the functional parts were set up by the engine - I am working on skinning and altering the layout to be more appropriate and user-friendly for my own group, as I want the Regardless to be more than a clone of a number of others out there and some of my crew have mentioned that certain key features are difficult to locate

Go to: http://www.ussregardless.co.uk


Wealden Skills Centre

This one was a rush/rescue job I picked up after the original designers failed to complete. I had only ten days to get a site up and live from scratch before the promotional materials went out. Fortunately my customer was very organised and was able to email me the exact text and images she wanted on each information page, gave me an example of the desired colour-scheme, and let me get on with it. The website was up and ready in time, and the customer was happy with the result.

Go to: http://www.wealdenskillscentre.co.uk